How to edit on capcut? 7 easy steps

How to edit on caput? CapCut is a popular videotape editing application that allows drug addicts to produce and edit video clips with lightness. It is famous for his stonerfriendly interface, expansive range of functions, and important editing tools. However, you can be wondering how I receive started with editing, If you are new to CapCut. In that composition, we’ll walk you through the process of CapCut editing, step by step.

By following these easy steps, you can master the art of getting the most out of CapCut

step 1 Receiving started with CapCut

The first step when editing CapCut is to download the app from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Once you have downloaded the app open you will be taken to At Home screen.

step 2 Importing Yours videotape Footage

The is coming step well yes import your videotape footage in CapCut. To do that valve on the “Import” button on At Home screen and choose on videotape You want to editing from your camera roll. You can too choose multiple video clips if you want to produce assembly or a compendium.

step 3 Basic editing tools

Once you they have imported your footage, you can get started editing it using CapCut’s introductory editing tools. These include I’m cutting hair, incision, a cheater, pastaand cancellation. To I’m cutting hair Yours videotape, just swipe the slider to startup and end points on your clip want to I keepand valve on “Trimming” button. To incision clip, valve on” Cutbutton and choose on point where you want to I allow the clip. You can too cancellation or rearrange the clips as you see fit see fit.

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step 4 Add music and sound goods

CapCut too allows you to add music and sound goods To yours video clips. To add music, the valve on the “Music” button and select a song from the application library or your music collection. You can I’m acclimatizing on the sound volume of the music a song to ensure that doesn’t work prevail Yours videotape the audio of. To add sound goods, valve on the “Sound” button and choose from the application library on sound goods.

step 5 Add pollutants and goods

how to edit caput? caput offers a wide range of pollutants and goods that you can use to improve your video clips. To add a sludge or effect on valve on the “Filter” button and choose from the application library. You can exercise everyone’s sludge or effect before application that of your videotape.

step 6 Add textbook and stickers

CapCut too allows you to add textbooks and stickers To your video clips. To add a textbook, valve on the “Text” button and I’m coming in Yours he asked textbook. You can choose from a range on sources, colors and styles to customize your textbook. To add stickers, the valve on a sticker button and choose from the application library on stickers.

step 7 Export your edited videotape

Once you have completed editing Your videotapeyou can export it by tapping the “Export” button. You can choose from a range on import settings, inclusive resolution, frame percentand a train format. You can too choose to save Yours videotape to your camera roll, I participate it of social mediaor upload it to Pal.


Editing of CapCut is just and intuitive process which allows you to produce and editing video clips with lightness. from the following on way outlined in that compositionyou can produce professional looking video clips which sure to I impress Yours sequence. Regardless of whether you are freshman or an educated videotape editor, CapCut has everything you must to bring Yours creatively vision to life.

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